Philosophiae NaturalisThe ability of understanding nature and allowing her to produce her gifts according to her own rhythms and rules.Our attitude to life.


Discover the beneficial activities of high phenolic olive oils.

Philosophiae Naturalis

Oleomania products are among the few olive oils worldwide which carry a health claim.


Polyphenol levels are higher than the average of samples of international olive oil sampling.


Multi-awarded products at international competitions

oleomania τζαμαλης ελαιολαδο υψηλες πολυφαινολες δυο χρυσα βραβεια
ελαιωνας τζαμαλης oleomania καντια αργολιδας κορωνεικη ποικιλια

Our single estate olive grove is made up of koroneiki variety and wild olive trees, ideal for high phenolic olive oils!


Discover Philosophiae Naturalis olive oil with high polyphenols and health claim!

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